Trends and Developments in Biodiversity Informatics

Symposium: Key Innovations in Biodiversity Informatics

The Euro+Med Internet taxonomic editor
W.Berendsohn, A.Guntsch & J.Li

The Euro+Med ( Internet taxonomic editor is an http-based tool to carry out botanical taxonomic revisions on data held by the Euro+Med plantbase project database on a central server. Its primary goal is to reduce the effort of merging and maintaining data sets for the holder of a central database by giving revisers the opportunity to edit taxonomic "slices" remotely rather than submitting paper, spreadsheets, or databases which have to be re-integrated into the system held by the project secretariat. It also ensures that revisers can use the latest versions of data catalogues such as author lists or geographic areas.

The editor uses the BGBM model (), which is based on the concept of "potential taxa" (Berendsohn. 1995, Taxon 44: 207-212; Berendsohn 1997, Taxon 46: 283-309), thus providing the means to handle multiple views for the same taxonomic group and to relate factual data linked to concepts differing from the Euro+Med consensus view. The editor is being implemented with ColdFusion () a server side technology that does not require special software components for clients except a java script enabled World Wide Web browser. The online demonstration will show the current state of the software including an authentication mechanism, adding and editing botanical names, editing of author teams, factual data handling, and treatment of references.

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