Strategies for Open and Permanent Access to Scientific Information in Latin America: Focus on Health and Environmental Information for Sustainable Development

Carlos Castillo-Salgado, J.D., M.D., M.P.H, Dr. PH.

Dr. Carlos Castillo-Salgado currently is the Special Advisor for the PAHO’s Forum for Public Health in the Americas*. He received his Doctoral degree of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health; his Master of Public Health degree from the same University; his M.D. (Médico Cirujano) degree from the Universidad Nacional A. de México. He also received a J.D. degree with Honorable Mention from the Law School at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.

Dr. Castillo-Salgado has served in several technical positions at the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). He has been the Area Manager for the Health Analysis and Information Systems Area, Chief of the Special Program for Health Analysis and Information Systems, Program Coordinator for the Health Situation Analysis Program and, Regional Advisor in Epidemiology for the Communicable Diseases Program; he has been consultant for many intergovernmental organizations in the area of measuring health inequalities, geographic information systems, epidemiological risk assessment and health impact assessment. He served as Professor and research coordinator in Primary Health and Community Medicine at the National University of Mexico and Visiting Associate Professor in most of the schools of public health in Latin America and Spain. Currently he is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of Epidemiology of the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University and Courtesy Professor of the College of Public Health, University of South Florida.

*PAHO's FPHA is a new important consultation mechanism for positioning the Pan American Health Organization in the mainstream of the health policy debate bringing together experts and stakeholders worldwide from academia, civil society and the private sector to share their experiences with PAHO's member states.

  • The Global Alliance for Enhancing Access to and Application of Scientific Data in Developing Countries, of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development, UN G@ID
  • U.S. National Committee for CODATA
  • Brazilian National Committee for CODATA.
  • CODATA Task Group on Preservation of and Access to Scientific and Technical Data in Developing Countries