Strategies for Open and Permanent Access to Scientific Information in Latin America: Focus on Health and Environmental Information for Sustainable Development

Open & Permanent Access to S&T Information: The African Perspective

Steve Rossouw, South African National Committee for CODATA

The South African National Research Foundation (NRF) has been concerned for a long time with permanent access to research data, and has established the South African Data Archive (SADA) to be a repository for data from the various state-funded reseatrch bodies such as the MRC, CSIR and HSRC. The National Committee for CODATA, being an NRF funded organization, became involved in the policy aspects of archiving of s&t data, attended the first CODATA organized workshop in this area, proposed a WG on data archiving, organized a workshop in Pretoria, is represented on the subsequent TG on Permanernt & Open Acceees to S&T Data and participated in various follow-up workshops in Beijing and Pretoria and is joint organizers of a follow-up workshop on the recommendations of the Pretoria workshop.

  • The Global Alliance for Enhancing Access to and Application of Scientific Data in Developing Countries, of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development, UN G@ID
  • U.S. National Committee for CODATA
  • Brazilian National Committee for CODATA.
  • CODATA Task Group on Preservation of and Access to Scientific and Technical Data in Developing Countries