Strategies for Open and Permanent Access to Scientific Information in Latin America: Focus on Health and Environmental Information for Sustainable Development

Geospatial Data for Health and Environmental Applications in Latin America: A Focus on Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development

Paul F. Uhlir, The U.S. National Academies and Raed M. Sharif, The U.S. National Academies and Syracuse University

We propose a study in collaboration with the Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences and the Pan-American Institute for Geography and History to: (1) identify the types and volumes of publicly funded geospatial data pertinent to the coverage of the region that are produced in Latin America (LA) or by sources outside LA, and are maintained and used in LA; (2) describe the laws, policies, and other key factors that affect access to and use of those data; (3) describe and evaluate the current status of access to and use of those data, including the application of digital networks for such purposes, and characterize the uses and the users of such data in the health and environment fields, and (4) organize a major workshop in LA to identify and discuss the impact of access to and use of publicly funded geospatial data on the development, dissemination, and use of health and environment-related GIS tools and applications, and the potential effects on poverty reduction and the broader sustainable development efforts in the region. It is expected that this study, being the first of its kind in the developing world, will have a broader impact on science policy making activities in LA and other developing countries. It is intended to serve as a case study for other developing countries with similar conditions to learn about and build upon other success/failure stories and the resulting lessons learned.

  • The Global Alliance for Enhancing Access to and Application of Scientific Data in Developing Countries, of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development, UN G@ID
  • U.S. National Committee for CODATA
  • Brazilian National Committee for CODATA.
  • CODATA Task Group on Preservation of and Access to Scientific and Technical Data in Developing Countries